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The Black Country Alphabet


Top man!

Personally I think the word hero is overused. Take for example: David Beckham = not a hero, Jordan = not a hero(ine), Noel Gallagher = not a hero, you get the point. But this guy, Lance Corporal Matt Croucher would well and truly fall into hero territory. Not only did he throw himself on top of a grenade to save ten of his comrades but he then went back to fight for his country for three more weeks before texting his parents to tell them he’d won the super prestigious George’s cross. For me though the icing on the cake is not the fact that he from the finest part of the land (West Midlands) but that he was clearly a bit uncomfortable with being in the limelight and played down his heroism. As they say in the marines “He  who dares, wins”. True that!