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“I’m as hard to play as a Stradivarius”


Just catching up on Wednesdays episode of The Apprentice. It never fails to entertain.


4 days 4 films 5 word reviews

The Wrestler: Loved it. Worthy of oscar. 

Sherrybaby: Intense. Well acted. Gritty. 

Big Fish: One of Tim Burton’s finest. 

Smart People: Slow. Disappointing. Alright in parts.

2008 in photographs

Check it out here.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the above photo here’s the blurb…

“Department of Water and Power workers are emptying out bales of plastic balls in the Ivanhoe reservoir in Los Angeles on Monday, June 9, 2008. Department of Water and Power released about 400,000 black plastic 4-inch balls as the first installment of approximately 3 million to form a floating cover over 7 acres of the reservoir to protect the water from sunlight. When sunlight mixes with the bromide and chlorine in Ivanhoe’s water, the carcinogen bromate can form.”

…and that is what you call lateral thinking.

High Contrast

I’m not a massive DnB head but whatever High Contrast produces/creates/remixes I generally love and the remix of ‘Hometown Glory’ by Adele is no exception. It’s also worth checking out The Streets, Eric Prydz and Olive remixes, all of which have received the High Contrast treatment – perfect fodder for your ears on an early morning jog.