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“I’m as hard to play as a Stradivarius”


Just catching up on Wednesdays episode of The Apprentice. It never fails to entertain.


Gobby or fibber?

alan sugar

Its the final of the apprentice tonight on BBC1 – entertainment wise it has to be one of the best series to date but it turns of talent it has to be the worse. It seems in his old age Sir Alan’s judge of character has diminished – case in point Michael ”I’m a jew but don’t know what kosher food is” Sophocles who should of been fired before the programme began and Raef ”I have the best collection of shirts/handkerchiefs” Bjayou who should be in the running now. But back to the remaining four, well two as Wotherspoon the wuss doesn’t count and Helene the northern potty mouth won’t win. Which leaves Claire ”gobby” Mcqueen and Lee ”fibber” Young. C’mon Lee!!! Watch and follow read this great blow by blow apprentice blog from the Guardian.

In The Shadow of The Moon

I watched ‘In the shadow of the moon’ for the second time tonight at my local cinema’s ‘directors chair’ evening a.k.a decent films that the majority of the general public don’t appreciate or films which are fiscally challenged in regards to what they gross. The first time I saw it was in a tiny cinema on Panton Street, London with my mate Jon (www.jonheslop.com). It pretty much blew both of us away and he’s a physics student so he understood all the scientific bits n pieces. I on the other hand am not, my interest in Science at school fluctuated temporarily when a bunsen burner, scalpel or microscope appeared but soon made a rapid descent into boredom and brain strain territory as soon as a periodic table, atoms or physics were mentioned. My interest was in the astronauts and their experience(s). Second time around I was just as captivated. Listening to the only people on the earth to have visited the moon talk about their trip in such a natural way with such humility and an almost blase nature really is a delight and a testament to their characters. Not a single one of these men (now well into their 70’s) talks about their achievements with the slightest hint of arrogance, bravado or in a self-aggrandizing way which considering they’re still the only people who have been to the moon is impressive to say the least. The conviction with which they talk about the Apollo missions along with the amazing footage will also put water on the fire of conspiracy theorists who say it never happened and was all filmed in some Nevada desert. Regardless of your interest in space, science or the moon ITSOTM really is worth a watch. Its like your Granddad and his mates telling you the most amazing anecdote at the pub but in this its true, literally out of this world and combined with some wonderful editing and cinematography. Today is also shrove Tuesday meaning only one thing – pancakes! I always forget how much I enjoy a good pancake but tonight I was soon reminded with the help of lemon, sugar and a fork. I also watched Juno yesterday but I’ll write about that at another time but believe me its worthy of all the praise it’s getting and littered with phrases you’ll be using well into 2009. Honest to blog…