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The Black Country Alphabet


If Darth says so…


Spotted this in lower high street, Stourbridge. I like it but personally I think the message is a bit to general. Make tea? Good idea but which brand? We need specifics Mr Vader! For me its Yorkshire tea every time and if I’m feeling really flush then Yorkshire Gold. By the way if you’ve never tried Yorkshire tea’s T shaped biscuits then you really should, any biscuit that can hang off the side of a mug easily tops sliced bread as an innovation.

Today / Tonight

Today has been fun, not particularly productive but fun all the same. I played 18 holes of golf with Gaz in 70mph winds. Whilst the weather did affect my bag being able to stand up it didn’t affect the game which I won by two shots – sweet. Made all that sweeter by the fact its the first time i’ve beat him after months of trying. If you are a golfer and ever find yourself in Bromsgrove be sure to check out the golf club. Tonight I watched a really interesting and moving documentary called ‘The Primary’ on BBC Two. It is part of the WHITE season and definitely worth checking out if you use iPlayer/Catch up TV etc. Find it here . Also check out ‘Last Orders’ and ‘White Girl’ both which are thought provoking and very well made, glad to see my license fee going towards some solid programming. After that I popped to a local boozer for a small music night some friends put on called ‘Black Swan’. Listened to some acoustic numbers courtsey of zut alors and tape the radio plus a variety of electronic tunes via a good old 12inch Powerbook. A 16 inch pizza shared with friends and accompanied by cups of tea finished the night off perfectly. Until next time….

The Voluntary Butler Scheme

Is definitely going to do big things this year. The Voluntary Butler Scheme aka Rob Jones is a one man band extraordinaire for the 21st century. Think ‘Badly Drawn Boy’ and ‘Jim Noir’ crossed with a 99p ice-cream, a sunny carefree day and a loop pedal. Not only this but Rob is also an all round nice guy and resident of my home town. Add him on MySpace HERE and attend a gig or two.