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Nouveau Toff

The owner of one of my favourite shops appeared in ‘Close up‘ today, a feature in the G2 section of the Guardian. I’ve always believed in the motto ‘buy cheap buy twice’. Judging from his £140 umbrella I’m not alone.


iPhone 2.0

Looking forward to the announcement of the new iPhone. From articles I’ve been reading it sounds pretty good. Using 3G instead of edge, smaller, cheaper and available on PAYG. Hopefully they’ve ironed out the useability issues as well.


Bit disappointed, so yes its only £100 now, so yes it works on 3G now and is three times faster than edge but its still the same size, only available on O2 with expensive contracts and the metal back has been replaced with a cheaper more inferior plastic. Its typical of the company Apple has become where the balance sheet and bottom line is king. Call me cynical but, keeping the same shape and size (granted its a tad thinner) most likely keeps manufacturing costs down and keeping it exclusively available on O2 obviously makes both parties a stack of cash. I do love Apple, I just don’t want them to turn into the new Microsoft.