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New John Lewis ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ advert

New advert from Adam & Eve for that bastion of British retailing – John Lewis. Really lovely advert and great choice of song ‘She’s Alway’s A Woman’ covered by ex-Guillemot Fyfe Dangerfield. Can’t help think the advert should feature the bankruptcy that would eschew from a lifetime of buying stuff from John Lewis or maybe a funeral with a Jonelle coffin?


The music from the new VW Golf advert: ”Beating yourself”

If like me you’ve been wondering where/who the music from the new VW Golf advert is then wonder no more! Artist: Jeans Team. Title: Keine Melodien. Pretty sure it appears somewhere on a ‘Too Many DJ’s” compilation. Really like this advert and really like the VW brand and particularly the Golf. If anyone remembers the ”Veee Dub-ya” ad they did in the late nineties and has a link to it on YouTube (I’ve looked and can’t find it) then let me know. Anyway.

Bit of blurb on the brilliant advert in question…

“A man sits in his office designing a car. He hears a knock at the door and tells them to come in but nothig happens. He goes to the door and opens it to find himself on the other side. His double hits him and then a big fight scene starts through out the car factory as loads of differently dressed versions of him starts attacking him. He manages to fend them all off and then looks with pride at his creation. The narrator then says ‘Sometimes the only one you have to fight is yourself’. The subtitles states ‘The new golf’ with the logo for Volkswagen.”

Watch it here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8Zyljf_t0

BBC Radio 2 Advert

Thats right the one with Brand, Winkleman, Evans and Ross. Features this gem of a Bowie track..

The music featured in the advert:

Run DMC – Walk This Way
David Bowie – Sound & Vision
KT Tunstall – Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
Blondie – Atomic
James Brown – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Guy Garveys acceptance speech at the Mercurys

“The album is dedicated to him, because you don’t get more seldom seen than someone who’s dead, and I think he’d appreciate the gallows humour in that,” he said. “I miss him every day, he was a great man and he should be stood here in many ways. Some of his music will be coming out soon and everyone else will know how great he was as well.”

Further proof he is one of the best front men around. What a guy (no pun intended), what an album!

Amy Winehouse and the future of the planet

They say that bees are dying out, and that once they’re extinct the human race will follow pretty soon after (five years supposedly). But fear not fellow homo sapiens I have found out where they are all living. 

In other news I’ve had 1550 visitors today which is an awful lot considering I usually get 100. So cheers to every single one thousand five hundred and fifty of you, means a lot.

Elbow at the Birmingham Carling Academy

I should of wrote about this sooner but Elbow really were terrific on Wednesday. Guy Garveys vocals were spot on and the rapport he built with the crowd was second to none, if Elbow ever do disband then I’m sure the comedy circuit would welcome him with open arms. Highlights for me were: ‘One Day Like This’ largely due to the string section, ‘Grounds For Divorce’ which had one of the best sounding live guitars I’ve heard in a long time and ‘Newborn’ which aside from being an absolute gem of a song has a brilliant organ section at the end. Definitely worth a watch if you ever get the chance.