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An Education

An Education is the latest film being touted as ‘Film of the year‘ and having seen it last night I really wouldn’t disagree. It’s definitely one of the best films I’ve seen this year. In a nutshell it’s a coming-of-age story set in 1960’s suburban London – Twickenham to be precise. The film is based on the memoirs of journalist Lynn Barber and actress of the moment  Carey Mulligan plays Jenny; the lead character. With a screenplay by Nick Hornby it’s an easygoing and enjoyable film to watch. Look out for Alfred Molina who has some brilliant one-liners as Jenny’s Dad and also Emma Thompson who is, as always, a class-act playing the part of the headmistress. My only real gripe with the film would be that the American actor Peter Sarsgaard plays the lead male role ‘David’. I’ve got no problem with his acting, but did the part of a English man really need to be played by an American when there are numerous British actors who could of played the role equally as well, if not better.

One last thing about the film. The car that ‘David’ drives is sublime. They mention it’s a Bristol but never which particular model. Now for a car-nut like myself it’s all about the details. I want to know what model, engine and most importantly how many sterling pounds I’d need to hypothetically own one. As we live in the glorious year of 2009 everything is but a mere Google away. So for anyone who cares, the car is a Bristol 405. Although it turns out I’m in good company as a fan of the beautiful 405. Non other than Nottingham’s finest designer Paul Smith is an owner.

Bristol 405