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Coldplay ousted by Ne-Yo in the album charts



Coldplay live at the BBC

Could it be anymore cringe worthy? Constant shots of Ricky Gervais and a crowd who look like they have had a bit too much Red Bull. But as I’m writing this the gig has almost been single handily redeemed in the cool stakes by someone in the crowd. Rapper, business mogul and all round sharp head – Jay-Z. 

Coldplay – Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Been listening to their latest offering Viva La Vida a fair bit of the last couple of days, its unmistakably Coldplay with spells of ambiguous lyrics that are meant to deep but in reality are just empty, lashings of Mr Martin whining and lots of atmospheric guitar warblings that sound as if U2’s the Edge has replaced Jonny Buckland. Favourites are definitely ‘Lost’ (great beats) and ‘Death And All His Friends’. It also sounds very Sigur Ros and Postal Service at times especially towards the end of ‘Death And All His Friends’. The start of ‘Life In Techicolour’ also reminds me massively of the theme tune from BBC One’s ‘Imagine’ with Alan Yentob.

Rolling Stone reported some months ago that Coldplay were working on ”something different” which in hindsight seems a tad inaccurate as this album is no different from the rest but when your last three offerings have all been mega successes why change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.