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Apple iPhone 3G released on O2 today

Seriously tempted to get this….


iPhone 2.0

Looking forward to the announcement of the new iPhone. From articles I’ve been reading it sounds pretty good. Using 3G instead of edge, smaller, cheaper and available on PAYG. Hopefully they’ve ironed out the useability issues as well.


Bit disappointed, so yes its only £100 now, so yes it works on 3G now and is three times faster than edge but its still the same size, only available on O2 with expensive contracts and the metal back has been replaced with a cheaper more inferior plastic. Its typical of the company Apple has become where the balance sheet and bottom line is king. Call me cynical but, keeping the same shape and size (granted its a tad thinner) most likely keeps manufacturing costs down and keeping it exclusively available on O2 obviously makes both parties a stack of cash. I do love Apple, I just don’t want them to turn into the new Microsoft. 


So the iphone has been released and by all accounts it seems to be doing rather well. I had planned to buy one but due to fiscal reasons its going to have to wait a bit, that said I did have a go on one in the O2 shop yesterday and was slightly put off. My main gripe was texting, something which Britons me being one of them do quite a lot (1.2 billion a week according to latest figures), now I don’t have fat or wide fingers but I repeatedly hit the wrong keys when trying to text. Secondly was the hype the O2 shop were trying to give it, yes you’ve got the iphone (well done you) but you really don’t need spotty faced weekender’s pushing leaflets into my face telling me to buy it, Steve Jobs key note speech did that as did my ingrained loyalty for all things Apple. The hard sell continued once inside where some 30 something shop assistant had a full blown argument with a customer because the customer thought the 8gb hard drive within the iphone was too small when you could get an ipod with a 160gb hard drive, something I agree with and a totally valid point. The 30 something shop assistant disagreed and made this quite clear by almost mocking the customer in a gladiatorial style shouting match. When they finally parted company the shop assistant was incredibly rude about him very loudly in front of a packed shop. Now this is quite stupid and wrong on lots of levels, its only a phone after all there are plenty of things to argue about but phones aren’t one of them, the customer is ALWAYS right and it was very unprofessional. Anyway rant over, I’m buying my iphone from France, unlocked….legally.PS. Also did a double cinema session yesterday, first “Lions for Lambs” – Robert Redford directs/produces/acts along with Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. Really great political film with three separate stories that all eventually intertwine, won’t say much more as it will ruin it but def worth a watch, wouldn’t be surprised if it won an oscar. Second film was “Eastern Promises” starring Viggo Mortenson and directed by David Cronnenburg. Critics say not as good as “History of Violence”, I say their wrong. Superb story, great twist and captures the murky Russian gangster world in a way only Cronneburg can, lots of blood, brilliant cinematography and the sauna scene really is as shocking as they say.