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Vodafone LiveGuy

Can’t believe I’ve only just found out about this – such a great idea.  That laptop is mine on Monday, you mark my words.


Guy Garveys acceptance speech at the Mercurys

“The album is dedicated to him, because you don’t get more seldom seen than someone who’s dead, and I think he’d appreciate the gallows humour in that,” he said. “I miss him every day, he was a great man and he should be stood here in many ways. Some of his music will be coming out soon and everyone else will know how great he was as well.”

Further proof he is one of the best front men around. What a guy (no pun intended), what an album!

Elbow at the Birmingham Carling Academy

I should of wrote about this sooner but Elbow really were terrific on Wednesday. Guy Garveys vocals were spot on and the rapport he built with the crowd was second to none, if Elbow ever do disband then I’m sure the comedy circuit would welcome him with open arms. Highlights for me were: ‘One Day Like This’ largely due to the string section, ‘Grounds For Divorce’ which had one of the best sounding live guitars I’ve heard in a long time and ‘Newborn’ which aside from being an absolute gem of a song has a brilliant organ section at the end. Definitely worth a watch if you ever get the chance.