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The music from the new VW Golf advert: ”Beating yourself”

If like me you’ve been wondering where/who the music from the new VW Golf advert is then wonder no more! Artist: Jeans Team. Title: Keine Melodien. Pretty sure it appears somewhere on a ‘Too Many DJ’s” compilation. Really like this advert and really like the VW brand and particularly the Golf. If anyone remembers the ”Veee Dub-ya” ad they did in the late nineties and has a link to it on YouTube (I’ve looked and can’t find it) then let me know. Anyway.

Bit of blurb on the brilliant advert in question…

“A man sits in his office designing a car. He hears a knock at the door and tells them to come in but nothig happens. He goes to the door and opens it to find himself on the other side. His double hits him and then a big fight scene starts through out the car factory as loads of differently dressed versions of him starts attacking him. He manages to fend them all off and then looks with pride at his creation. The narrator then says ‘Sometimes the only one you have to fight is yourself’. The subtitles states ‘The new golf’ with the logo for Volkswagen.”

Watch it here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8Zyljf_t0



This is the driver I use to play cacky handed golf most weekends. It’s brilliant and on a good day I can hit it a fair few yards. 


Whilst browsing BBC News I found this worrying study from British Medical Journal. Time to invest in some earplugs.

The Masters 2008 – Ian Poulter & West Bromwich Albion


Would really love to see Poulter win the Masters this weekend or at least get a top three finish. Its a shame Immelman is playing so well. In football news i’m going to the hawthorns this afternoon home of the mighty West Bromwich Albion to atone my almost unforgivable sin of visiting arch rivals Wolves two weeks ago. I can hear the chants of Judas already…. 

Today / Tonight

Today has been fun, not particularly productive but fun all the same. I played 18 holes of golf with Gaz in 70mph winds. Whilst the weather did affect my bag being able to stand up it didn’t affect the game which I won by two shots – sweet. Made all that sweeter by the fact its the first time i’ve beat him after months of trying. If you are a golfer and ever find yourself in Bromsgrove be sure to check out the golf club. Tonight I watched a really interesting and moving documentary called ‘The Primary’ on BBC Two. It is part of the WHITE season and definitely worth checking out if you use iPlayer/Catch up TV etc. Find it here . Also check out ‘Last Orders’ and ‘White Girl’ both which are thought provoking and very well made, glad to see my license fee going towards some solid programming. After that I popped to a local boozer for a small music night some friends put on called ‘Black Swan’. Listened to some acoustic numbers courtsey of zut alors and tape the radio plus a variety of electronic tunes via a good old 12inch Powerbook. A 16 inch pizza shared with friends and accompanied by cups of tea finished the night off perfectly. Until next time….