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Bye bye old friend


I spent many a Saturday afternoon riffling through their CD racks whilst laying the foundations of my CD collection. I was also rather fond of the little deccicated coconut covered mushroom shaped sweets in the pick n mix section, which I would often wash down with a mini can of Coke (I was probably just pushing double figures in the age department at this time) and the £5 gift vouchers a long lost Uncle used to send at Christmas time. Most recently, an impromptu picnic with my girl was saved when a visit to the big W (Bridgnorth branch) came up trumps with 3 teaspoons – purchased for a meagre 38p. Farewell Woolies – it kind of serves you right but your demise is sad all the same.


Art and Money

Today has seen the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers and also the sale of a variety of animals in containers full of formaldehyde. The “art” is the work of Damien Hirst who I like. Whilst the hammer was falling and making him more money he was playing snooker with his mates, even if it was in the Groucho Club. Nice.

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Buffett starts European tour

What a guy Warren Buffett is: the richest man in the world, a massive philanthropist, one of the sharpest business brains ever and still keeping it real living in the first house he bought in 1958. He’s one of my heroes and unlike Gazza meeting him probably wouldn’t be a letdown, if you own a family business and live in Europe you might want to get in touch, he’s got $35bn to spend. Article here.