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Blown away!


A great new world record has been set by a British engineer in a wind powered car. Read more about the story here. Sorry about the terrible pun.



This is the driver I use to play cacky handed golf most weekends. It’s brilliant and on a good day I can hit it a fair few yards. 


Whilst browsing BBC News I found this worrying study from British Medical Journal. Time to invest in some earplugs.

The Masters 2008 – Ian Poulter & West Bromwich Albion


Would really love to see Poulter win the Masters this weekend or at least get a top three finish. Its a shame Immelman is playing so well. In football news i’m going to the hawthorns this afternoon home of the mighty West Bromwich Albion to atone my almost unforgivable sin of visiting arch rivals Wolves two weeks ago. I can hear the chants of Judas already….