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Canon Ixus 200IS advert music

If like me you’ve been wondering where the music from the latest Canon Ixus is from then worry no more. It’s by BEN COOKS and is called BLACKBIRD SONG


Gobby or fibber?

alan sugar

Its the final of the apprentice tonight on BBC1 – entertainment wise it has to be one of the best series to date but it turns of talent it has to be the worse. It seems in his old age Sir Alan’s judge of character has diminished – case in point Michael ”I’m a jew but don’t know what kosher food is” Sophocles who should of been fired before the programme began and Raef ”I have the best collection of shirts/handkerchiefs” Bjayou who should be in the running now. But back to the remaining four, well two as Wotherspoon the wuss doesn’t count and Helene the northern potty mouth won’t win. Which leaves Claire ”gobby” Mcqueen and Lee ”fibber” Young. C’mon Lee!!! Watch and follow read this great blow by blow apprentice blog from the Guardian.

‘Difficult is worth doing’

I’m a long time fan of Honda, as a petrol head I love their cars and as a consumer slash marketer I love their adverts. Supposedly since 1990 they have made 3 million Vtec engines and so far not a single one has been returned to the factory, good ol’ Kai-zen. Anyway I digress, their new adverts with the tag line ‘Difficult is worth doing’ really are some of my current favourites and the accompanying blog is definitely worth a read or if you’re feeling really adventurous why not subscribe to it using the ever great RSS? Although it makes me laugh that they’re using a Porsche Cayenne as a pursuit vehicle.