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Xbox Lips Lily Allen “The Fear”

Xbox Lips Lily Allen “The Fear” music video from FIELD on Vimeo.

Great new video from Xbox Lips for Lily Allen’s ‘The Fear’ – I’m sure I’ve seen the same concept used for something else but can’t think who, if you know get in touch. The album  the song is taken from ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You‘ is also worth a listen and Lips for Xbox almost makes me want to apply for X-factor.


The music from the new VW Golf advert: ”Beating yourself”

If like me you’ve been wondering where/who the music from the new VW Golf advert is then wonder no more! Artist: Jeans Team. Title: Keine Melodien. Pretty sure it appears somewhere on a ‘Too Many DJ’s” compilation. Really like this advert and really like the VW brand and particularly the Golf. If anyone remembers the ”Veee Dub-ya” ad they did in the late nineties and has a link to it on YouTube (I’ve looked and can’t find it) then let me know. Anyway.

Bit of blurb on the brilliant advert in question…

“A man sits in his office designing a car. He hears a knock at the door and tells them to come in but nothig happens. He goes to the door and opens it to find himself on the other side. His double hits him and then a big fight scene starts through out the car factory as loads of differently dressed versions of him starts attacking him. He manages to fend them all off and then looks with pride at his creation. The narrator then says ‘Sometimes the only one you have to fight is yourself’. The subtitles states ‘The new golf’ with the logo for Volkswagen.”

Watch it here:

The music from the ipod chromatic nano advert is Bruises by Chairlift

Way back in September I posted about a song called Bruises by relatively new band called Chairlift, which is featured in the advert for the new ipod nano from Apple. Now, with Christmas only a mere five days away the advert has been put on re-run superdrive and as a result I seem to be getting another wave of hits and people doing google searches for that particular post. So just to clarify the song is called Bruises and its by a band called Chairlift and also the album isn’t that great (Doves of summer is alright) which is probably why you’ve had to do a google search, and come to this blog, and this post just to find the name of a tune from an advert. But it is a great single so enjoy. Here it is on YouTube as well.

High Contrast

I’m not a massive DnB head but whatever High Contrast produces/creates/remixes I generally love and the remix of ‘Hometown Glory’ by Adele is no exception. It’s also worth checking out The Streets, Eric Prydz and Olive remixes, all of which have received the High Contrast treatment – perfect fodder for your ears on an early morning jog.