Yes to product placement

I went to see ‘Yes Man’ last night – which has Jim Carrey as the lead and is based on the Danny Wallace book. Basically Jim Carey is stuck in a rut that is on a par with the suez canal. A boring life working for a boring bank = a bored Carl Allen (Carrey). The film is fair from perfect but worth a watch and is what a like to call a ‘Ronseal’ film – ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’. Watch out for his amazing boss in the shape of Murray (Rhys Darby) from ‘Flight of the Concords’, easily the highlight of the film. Anyway, my main point about ‘Yes Man’ is the product placement. Could it be anymore BLATANT!! Now I’m not stupid, I realise it’s a ”you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of deal with both the brand and filmmaker profiting. But ‘Yes Man’ stoops to new low’s on the product placement scale (Casino Royale comes a close second). The film made by Warner Brothers contains constant references to two of their big box office successes of the last few years: Harry Potter and 300. There are plugs for a very well known energy drink, a good 20 seconds of Carrey jumping on one of those mattresses which I’m not naming that mould tothe shape of your body, a close up of the computer he uses which is made by a large manufacturer that rhymes with Bell and lingering shots of the beer he’s drinking when he’s sat at a bar. I’m used to product placement, I watch enough films to notice it but never have I watched a film where it is so in your face. By the end of ‘Yes Man’ you’ll feel as if you’ve been watching a film with clips of QVC sneaked in every ten minutes.


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