I’ve never been, but three minutes into Baz Luhrmann’s latest film and I wanted to go, almost more than I wanted to breathe. I’m talking about Australia. The latest offering from the man of Strictly Ballroom, Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge fame. In a nutshell it is an epic period film about an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch in northern Australia before World War II. Nicole Kidman and Hugh ”Wolverine” Jackman take the lead roles – both actors I’m indifferent too, but the cinematography, vision and by-gone charm of this 165 minute epic make for the kind of film that cinema was made for. Just make sure you suspend your parameters of normality.


One thought on “Australia

  1. Ben Hanbury

    mmmm interesting was umming and ahhing about whether I wanted to see this due to a few mediocre reviews I’ve read, think I may give it a go now if it gets the Reynolds seal of approval!


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