DJ Z-Trip & The Field

DJ Z-Trip & The Field (not to be confused with Field Music) are mostly what I have been listening to lately. One, and I wouldn’t disagree with this, is considered to be a pioneer in the art of mash-ups. The other is called Axel and a Swedish electronic musician, although I think musical genius would be more apt. Both are excellent. DJ Z-Trip’s Obama mix is sixty minutes of sharp samples, cuts and beats mashed up with speeches and snippets from the great man himself. ‘Sound of Light’ from The Field is a sixty minute long, four track EP (fifteen ish minutes per track) inspired by a stay in Stockholm’s Nordic Light Hotel. It is a luxuriant piece of electronica and at only 79p per track from itunes a bit of a bargain. The Field – ‘From Here We Go Sublime’, which is a firm fixture on my iPod is also a must listen if electronica is your thing.


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