Bloggers block – unblocked, well sort of…

Been a while since I blogged and mainly because I haven’t had anything interesting to say that is presuming that you think what I usually write is interesting which I don’t. Anyway some things i’ve done in the last seven days.

Saw Speed-the-plow at the Old Vic in Waterloo last Wednesday. The A-list cast led by Kevin Spacey along with Jeff Goldblum and Laura Michelle Kelly meant it was an exciting prospect on paper and at £12 for a ticket a bit of a steal as well. Throw in the fact that Time magazine described the playwright (David Mamet) responsible for said play as “…..the shrewdest observer of the evil that men do unto each other in the name of buddyhood” and your onto a winner surely? The short answer in my opinion is not really. I felt that both Spacey and Goldblum overacted and that the supposed verbal boxing match centered around the eternal debate of art versus money was more of a kick around on a Sunday afternoon aka a bit weak, drawn out and dare I say boring? On the plus side some of the dialogue was very funny and the set designer/maker deserves a pat on the back as they were excellent. I’m sure you won’t but don’t let me put you off, I have an attention span matched only by that of a child along with the fact i’m critical of pretty much everything.

On the weekend I watched the baggies loose to an unconvincing Portsmouth before visiting the medieval market town of Ludlow in Shropshire, home to 500 listed buildings, the ruins of a castle and a damn fine cream tea. On the evening I saw the magnificent Son of Rambow at the cinema. If you like british humour, the eighties and films where the underdog wins then this is for you. Highlights for me were the flying dog incident along with the shoplifting escapade at the supermarket. I’d love to know how they manage to stock it with food with eighties packaging, does someone keep some vast archive of packaging of days gone by? Answers on a postcard please. Mainly so that I could obtain a can of tab clear to prove to everyone it did actually exist and isn’t merely a figment of my imagination. 

Television. The BBC 2 documentary on Clowns last night is worth a watch, as is the latest offering from Louis Theroux on big game hunting in South Africa. Gavin & Stacey is still my favourite thing on TV, laugh out loud funny humour mainly helped by Rob Brydon. Watch them all on iPlayer here


One thought on “Bloggers block – unblocked, well sort of…

  1. benhanbury

    agree about Louis Theroux – though I thought not as good as his last programme in the prison?

    haven’t seen son of rambow yet – wasn’t that convinced by the trailer, but might have to check it out now …

    top work benedict


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