7 Days 6 Films

So seven days have past and six films have been watched. On top of ‘Eastern Promises’ and ‘Lions for Lambs’ I’ve also seen ‘In the shadow of the moon’, ‘Into the wild’, ‘Interview’ and ‘Beowolf’. Now ‘Eastern Promises’ was my favourite film by a long way, great cast, well shot etc. etc. But the surprise of my week was definitely ‘In the shadow of the moon’ an absolutely brilliant 90 minute documentary directed by David Singleton who according to a quick glance on IMDB hasn’t really done anything worth mentioning. In a nutshell its basically all the surviving members of the Apollo missions telling their stories about the moon landings and what the whole experience meant to them. Now i’m also fond of listening to my seniors as chances are they’ve been there, done that and are more than happy to dish out a bit of wisdom. But when the people in question have flown at 29,000ft a second and landed on the moon it makes it even better and even more interesting. What I really loved about this was the humility of the astronauts involved and the everyday nature that they talked about a subject and achievement which was anything but. This along with a passion & enthusiasm for their chosen field and jaw dropping unseen nasa footage make this a serious must see. Shame that its on limited release, I saw it at the Odeon on Panton Street, London – more info HERE. Other films seen this week include…… ‘Into the wild’, a Sean Penn directed film that tells the story of Christopher McCandless who after finishing college decides to embark on (you guessed it!) a trip into the wild, the wild in this case being Alaska (Alaska Alaska!). My main gripes with the film were: its far to long, the story jumps all over the place, it probably has the worse titles ever to grace celluloid and it portrays him as some kind of hero, romanticising what in reality was an unplanned trip into a dangerous environment by someone who was eventually the victim of his own ignorance. Still worth a watch though as it’s definitely going to be a water cooler film. I’ll tell you about the other two films another day, bedtime now – Arcade Fire tomorrow. Happy happy days!


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